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ATP Performance was founded on the principles of an evidence based approach to fitness and health​. While there is something to be said about following the wisdom of our elders, too often the fitness industry has praised quick-fix and guru based ideology - only to find evidence does not support the statement.

At ATP Performance we incorporate knowledge gained from current nutritional and physiological data into each and every one of our client's programs in an ongoing attempt to optimize our client's experiences. 

"In life there are no walls, only hurdles."

- Dr. James Johnson

We at ATP Performance embrace the individuality and uniqueness of each of our clients. We understand that each client comes to us with their own burdens and strive to teach resiliency so that when faced with a perceived "wall" our clients have the understanding to navigate these obstacles to find an alternate route to their goals. 

Meet Coach James

Coach James is a board certified Physical Therapist with special interests in preventative rehabilitation for the strength and physique athlete, athletic performance, and foot/ankle rehabilitation. James has previously worked as a strength and athletic performance coach with individuals ranging from the youth to the aging population and recreational to collegiate skill levels. His dream and passion is to combine his passion for sports and fitness with ongoing education in the Biological, Physiological, and Rehabilitative sciences to become a leader in the field of human and athletic performance, with the ability and knowledge to assist in all areas of the athletic experience – off season strengthening and nutrition, preventative training, on-field coverage, and post-injury rehabilitation and return to play.

Coach James received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology in 2016 from Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA where he was a multi-year starter for the Men’s Soccer team. He continued his education by attaining his doctorate of Physical Therapy from Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY in 2019.

Outside of his professional life, James is active in the strength and fitness communities as a competitive natural bodybuilder and member of the Delmarva Men’s Rugby Club, in addition to working as a personal trainer and coach to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and community based fitness.

Meet Coach Brett

Coach Brett has garnered an extensive pedigree as both coach and athlete through hands on mentoring via the greats of our generation: Alberto Nunez, Eric Helms, Mike Tuchscherer, Matt Jansen, Chris Barakat, Tyler Mayer, and Cliff Wilson. As a self-taught and self-educated coach, gaining experience in the field, Coach Brett serves as a counterpart to complement Coach James’ graduate schooling.


With twelve years of real-life experience in the trenches, Coach Brett has the ability to not only assess the intangibles, but develop relationships of mutual respect with clients in both the bodybuilding and powerlifting fields. More than developing a macro and training regimen, he emphasizes the importance of and works to diminish the impact of the psychological, physical, and emotional strains placed upon the athlete.


Brett is a lifetime drug free professional natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, husband and father. Having more than 12+ years of competition history, his most notable accolades are eight 1st place finishes including the 2017 Lightweight & 2019 Bantamweight WNBF World’s titles and a “Best Overall Lifter” title in the 165lb weight class in Powerlifting.  

Coaching since 2017, Brett has been highly successful in his pursuit towards bringing the most out of his clients whether it be for the stage, platform, or general health and fitness. Due to his undying passion for helping others achieve their goals, he is beyond excited to embark on this new adventure with becoming a head coach at Team ATP, and looks forward to fully maximizing the potential of everyone he works with.

"Working with ATP has taught me how to portion correctly, that eating healthy can still be delicious, and that taking care of my health is first priority. I have seen physical changes in my body, have had a
massive energy boost, and most importantly, an increase in self-confidence."

Gina F

"There is no better testimony than the results. With the team’s guidance and motivation, I am weighing
in below 200lbs for the first time in 5 years. My coach has consistently adapted to my ever-changing
schedule by adjusting my workout routine for optimal efficiency."

Daniel J

I have my B.S. in exercise science and am currently working on my Doctorate of Physical Therapy, so –
due to my education - I never thought I needed a trainer. However, I always found myself falling short
of my goals. For me, the knowledge of the ATP team was the extra push I needed to reach my goals. 

Kathryn D

The impact working with James has had on my life is nothing short of amazing. I lost over 20kg of fat mass while gaining over 5kg of lean mass. I no longer need medication for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I have better self-confidence and feel good in my skin for the first time in many years.  All without starving myself and while enjoying the process. James has always been able to adapt and has always been invested in getting me the results I wanted. 

Marco M

I came to James hoping that one day I could compete in a Figure bodybuilding competition, but the thing was, I was starting out at age 49! Was this a possibility? It is turning out that it is! My body has been a bit stubborn and has given me some challenges to overcome. In the past I thought I had to quit/take time off each time a challenge came up, but with James I have been able to grow muscle, get leaner and overcome the challenges ALL at the same time. Working with ATP Performance has been a huge breakthrough for me.

Dana B

James and I started working together a little over 1 year ago and focused on growing both physically and mentally. We focused on living a flexible lifestyle, and balancing social life with lifting and building a great physique. I've been able to make great gains and have definitely put on size during this time, all while working pretty insane hours at work and balancing my social life. Honestly I have grown so much that even my parents have noticed a significant difference in my persona and overall levels of confidence. 
I've gotten to a point now where I have built a solid baseline physique that will allow me to continue to grow both physically and that has helped me grow my confidence tremendously. James has instilled core diet/lifting "values" in me that have made living my life and also progressing my physique effortless. James takes the thinking out of all of this, and takes care of the numbers for you, monitors everything for you, and makes adjustments based on what he sees week to week. All you need to do is put the work in - the rest will follow. 
If you're looking to make an actual change, and are done with the BS fad diet and training programs - your standard cookie cutter "no carb" or "keto" or "insert BS marketing name here", and want to get to a point where you legitimately transform your body while living your life and enjoying food again, then ATP is the place for you. With James, you'll get a personalized experience, where you can text/schedule calls whenever you need to, and where you'll build an actual relationship with your coach rather than signing up for some BS Instagram star's program which he/she has given out to thousands of others. 

Robert R


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