Brett Freeman


Coach Brett has garnered an extensive pedigree as both coach and athlete through hands on mentoring via the greats of our generation: Alberto Nunez, Eric Helms, Mike Tuchscherer, Matt Jansen, Chris Barakat, Tyler Mayer, and Cliff Wilson. As a self-taught and self-educated coach, gaining experience in the field, Coach Brett serves as a counterpart to complement the Team's academic accomplishments.


With twelve years of real-life experience in the trenches, Coach Brett has the ability to not only assess the intangibles, but develop relationships of mutual respect with clients in both the bodybuilding and powerlifting fields. More than developing a macro and training regimen, he emphasizes the importance of and works to diminish the impact of the psychological, physical, and emotional strains placed upon the athlete.


Brett is a lifetime drug free professional natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, husband and father. Having more than 12+ years of competition history, his most notable accolades are eight 1st place finishes including the 2017 Lightweight & 2019 Bantamweight WNBF World’s titles and a “Best Overall Lifter” title in the 165lb weight class in Powerlifting.  

Coaching since 2017, Brett has been highly successful in his pursuit towards bringing the most out of his clients whether it be for the stage, platform, or general health and fitness. Due to his undying passion for helping others achieve their goals, he is beyond excited to embark on this new adventure with becoming a head coach at Team ATP, and looks forward to fully maximizing the potential of everyone he works with.