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Connor St. Jean


Coach Connor was born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Connor's early years focused on musical studies, playing guitar in many different bands and pursuing his early passions through studies culminating in a Bachelor’s degree in Music and an advanced major in Jazz Studies.


Upon completion of his studies, Connor allowed his bodybuilding hobbies to come to the forefront, and in his words “traded one passion for another.” He began to focus more heavily on bodybuilding and completed his first contest prep in 2012. After working as a paramedic for four years and gaining a better understanding of human physiology, Connor began coaching other competitors through the contest prep process and holds multiple class wins and top three finishes as a coach. 


As a competitor, Connor is an established WNBF Pro, having most recently completed his debut Pro season in 2022 and gaining a top 3 finish at the WNBF International Pro in Calgary, CA. Most notably known for his high caliber of conditioning, Connor has now transitioned back into a personal offseason to focus on growth so that he can continue to represent Team ATP at the highest levels of Pro natural bodybuilding ranks.


Connor has a passion for program individualization, is a student of the sport, and enjoys the nuances of contest prep. He prides himself on genuine personal communication with clients and works diligently to provide a high-quality experience for all competitors – from debut to veteran.

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