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Jacob Templar

Jacob headshot_edited.png

Coach Jacob is a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Physical Therapist with special interests in Academia and Evidence Based Practice, as well as an aptitude for the rehabilitation of strength sport athletes. After completing undergraduate schooling at Utica College in 2014, Jacob completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2016. He has since then furthered his education via a certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.


Prior to joining Team ATP, Jacob held position as a consultant for The Strength Guys, using his clinical expertise to rehabilitate National and World record holding athletes. Coach Jacob’s passion for strength sport extends beyond clinical practice and academia, accomplishing a 3x BW deadlift and 2.5x BW squat on his own athletic journey.


Coach Jacob leverages his social media presence as @strengthinevidence_physio on Instagram to distribute relevant and novel literature in easily discernible posts on the topics of injury management and clinical best practice – while working tirelessly to increase movement optimism and debunk un-based fear of movement within the general population. He has given seminars at the national and international levels on injuries in powerlifting, lower back pain, and strength and hypertrophy training. 


Outside of his career and strength sport passions he is a husband and father of two. 

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