Week 10: Suck it up Buttercup

Week 10

Body Stats:

Weight on average of 181.6lbs with a 11.5% BF as measured via BIA. Week’s change of -1.49lbs and -0.2%. I’m 5’9.5” for reference. ROL on pace for our goals at this point in prep.

Now around 13lbs above my target competition weight.

Oura Data:

Readiness: AVG 71, High 81, Low 61

Readiness is described as “Readiness is an overall measure of your recovery that signals your capacity to perform at your mental, emotional, and physical best.” Its calculation includes data from: Resting heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, and a comparison of previous day’s energy expenditure to previous night’s sleep rating.

4% decrease from last week, had a few terrible nights of sleep with the little one and a much higher reliance on caffeine to get through the work day and workout. “Dragging” would be a solid adjective for the week.

Sleep Score: AVG 68, High 79, Low 51

Sleep tracking measures total REM, Deep, Light, Sleep Efficiency, and Total sleep with comparisons of total time asleep with periods of wakefulness and HRV throughout the night.

This week saw me average 5.8 hours, a negligible difference in average sleep time, however sleep scores were significantly down as was my sleep quality. A low sleep duration of 3.5 hours, a handful of 60s on sleep score, a few rough nights with a restless 6 month old – this week hit hard.


Current split:

Mon - Rest

Tuesday - Full

Wed - Rest

Thursday – Chest/Delts/Arms

Fri – Back/Biceps

Sat – Legs/Delts

Sun – Rest

Very blasé training week. Thinking back there isn’t much that actually stands out to me.

The first workout was a bit rushed as I was in a time crunch to get back to studying, resulting in an intense workout but with slightly lower numbers than previous weeks. I had to audible half my second workout of the week due to equipment limitations at the gym, every cable was occupied for over an hour long group training session.

Felt close to passing out from fatigue during my third workout, which I had to combine with my fourth due to scheduling issues with traveling.

Pretty piss poor week of training in summation.

Continuing to utilize a minimalistic approach to lower body training at this stage to minimize risk of reaggravation of the low back. Leg training consists entirely of variations of Smith Squat, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Calf Raise.


Goal intake of 2000 calories (200P 200C 50F).

Actual average intake: 1997 cal (193P 198C 48F).

Continuing to meal prep at this time. No scheduled refeeds currently.


Goal step count: 7-10k daily

Realized average step count: 6250

Steps down, had to prioritize some study time which meant sitting on my butt at the desk

and less steps. OCS Examination this upcoming Wednesday, can’t wait for that to be over to reclaim a few hours each day.

Special Topics:

Weight vest increased to 16 lbs for this week (reference week 1 if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Any discomfort from wearing the vest has passed. I quite often forget that I’m wearing it.

Artificial weight just below 200 lbs, with a goal of maintaining a 200+ lb artificial weight to maintain pre prep TDEE for improved energy flux throughout prep. This week’s increase kept me on track with a 1+lb ROL, however we will have to watch it over the next week as fatigue and prep feels start to creep in and artificial weight dips below 200lbs into the high 190s.

Week in Review:

Overall a solid ROL for the week.

Subpar training but with no real aches or pains.

This was probably the first week of embracing the suck. First week truly feeling hungry, feeling the prep fatigue, and with some potential mood swings in there – life factors aren’t ideal right now adding to the stress of prep, but that was a choice I made coming into this year. Is it easy balancing a 40+ hour full time job, working 10 hours in-person training, managing a full roster of online clients, raising a 6 month old and managing related familial stress, studying for a specialist certification, and prepping/training?

What do you think, no. But I freely made each one of those choices and therefore have no room to complain about them when there are others in this world with true daily struggles.

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