Week 2: The "Tweener Stage"

Week 2

Body Stats:

Weight on average of 194.5lbs with a 14.5% BF as measured via BIA. Week’s change of -2.6lbs and -0.7%. I’m 5’9.5” for reference.


This week saw me average 5.7 hours, with a weekly high of 8 (Hallelujah) and a low of 4 hrs. Very similar sleep routine compared to last week. I had a few days where I said “F it” to all the work that needed done and went to bed early, as well as optimizing sleep on the weekends, yet average remains low with several severely sleep deprived days.

Work schedule has changed recently which may have been a contributing factor. Now working two, 12 hour shifts and 2, 8 hour shifts with a day “off” from clinical hours in which I spend training clients in-person. All together with the online aspect of ATP I’m working 65 hours a week on average, not including my own training.

But I’m supposed to just be ticking boxes for prep right? Must be nice.


4x/week hybrid split is still treating me well. The two garage gym sessions are normally completed from 8:30PM to 10:30PM after the work day and after I put my daughter to bed, which certainly has been playing a role on motivation/mental fortitude/fatigue during the session.

Specific to that session I am seeing a dramatic drop in my compound movement strength, talking to you Barbell RDL’s. Previous peak strength had seen me using 365lbs or so, wherein currently 300 for 6 just about crushes my low back.

Isolations are doing well with maintaining strength. Benefit of slightly lighter weights is an increase in MMC thus far across the board.

Gym based session are juicy AF with the pumps and saw me return to flat DB pressing for the first time in over a year. Starting with the 90s with controlled form and no shoulder pain was a pleasant surprise that I hope to capitalize on.


Deficit remains with a weekly goal intake of 2440 calories (200P 275C 60F).

Week 2 actual average intake: 1940 cal (200P 244C 58F).

Slightly low on calories again, which while good for short-term fat loss, can be detrimental to the long term progress if I allow my average to dip too soon. Goal of this prep is making it as easy as possible so as not to disrupt my familial and career goals, so keeping energy flux and caloric intake high is a priority. Fluctuations in intake are certainly related to the nature of my work, however the excuse won’t hold for long. I simply need to get better about mela prepping.

No refeeds scheduled or utilized this early in prep.

Attempting to keep caffeine intake at sub 300mg/day for the next 4 weeks to desensitize after several months of chronically high intake. Actual average intake was 340g with days as low as 160g and as high as 560g.

Fluid intake of 1 gallon per day on average, will lock this down to an exact number once shows start getting nearer.


Goal step count: 9-10k daily

Realized average step count: 7,300

Several long walks with the family and a few dedicated walks increased my average from last week, however still sub par in comparison to what my goals are. Needs improvement and a bit of prior planning. Will most likely add in a multiple mile walk 2-3x/week to pad my stats and increase the weekly average to buffer for low days.

Special Topics:

Weight vest remains at 9lbs for this week (reference week 1 if you don’t know what I’m talking about). I’m actually to the point where I forget about the vest the majority of the time and don’t see any real detriments to wearing it. Some slight mid back fatigue towards the end of the day, and occasional discomfort when sitting down in certain chairs or driving.

Most likely won’t increase the weight for another few weeks. With the additional 9lbs my artificial weight is 203.5lbs. Goal will be to keep my artificial weight above 200lbs.

Weekly Pros:

First week of the new work schedule was successful. Workouts went well without too much additional fatigue, all things considered.

Purchased an Oura ring this week, so that will be exciting in the next coming weeks! I’ve never been a fan of watches or things on my wrist so a Fitbit simply doesn’t fit for me – this should be a nice change.

Weekly Cons:

I have reached the “tweener” stage of prep for sure where I personally think I look like dog shit. Flat, still not lean enough to look impressive, flabby – it ain’t pretty. This is the period of time where the mental demons can come out to play, and where I am absolutely thankful for having a coach. It was times like this in previous preps where I would start getting aggressive, speeding rate of loss along, and start “eating air” to get beyond this point – at the risk of losing lean mass (which I can’t afford).

TLDR: Get a coach to keep yourself out of your own way during prep

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