Week 5: Gut Check

Week 5

Body Stats:

Weight on average of 190.31lbs with a 13.64% BF as measured via BIA. Week’s change of -1.63lbs and -0.3%. I’m 5’9.5” for reference. ROL increased slightly from last week as correlated with a lower calorie intake and a slightly higher average step count.

Still about 25lbs above my ideal competition weight, so a long way to go and definitely behind schedule here.

Oura Data:

Readiness: AVG 74, High 83, Low 62

Readiness is described as “Readiness is an overall measure of your recovery that signals your capacity to perform at your mental, emotional, and physical best.” Its calculation includes data from: Resting heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, and a comparison of previous day’s energy expenditure to previous night’s sleep rating.

Increase on average from last week as I made a concerted effort at improving my sleep duration as possible.

Sleep Score: AVG 69, High 87, Low 59

Sleep tracking measures total REM, Deep, Light, and Total sleep with comparisons of total time asleep with periods of wakefulness and HRV throughout the night.

This week saw me average 5.7 hours, about a ¾ hour increase from last week, which seems to have paid off with improved ratings of sleep and readiness. One very low night due to a restless 4 month old, but then followed up with an unprecedented 8.5 hours of sleep the next night. Might be the first time I’ve slept 8 hours in a few years.

Fatigue in the gym was significantly reduced as well, hitting some volume and weight PRs across the board.


I have developed a true burning hatred of the Pendulum squat. It simply causes so much systemic fatigue when compared to other similar movements. Will look to cycle this out with Brett in the coming weeks. However, leg press as my other main lower movement has been fitting like a glove.


Deficit increased mid week following some slightly disheartening check in photos with the boss man. Goal intake of 2000 calories (200P 200C 50F). A 80g carb drop and 5g fat drop to kick the rate of loss in the d*ck. As we have noted in the past I have a very adaptive metabolism, which necessitates a slightly more aggressive dieting approach.

Week 4 actual average intake: 2166 cal (205P 222C 50F). Keep in mind that the adjustment

was made mid week so averages will be a bit higher than current goal intake.

No refeeds scheduled or utilized this early in prep, especially since we are playing a bit of catch up.


Goal step count: 9-10k daily

Realized average step count: 7,800

Still sub par in comparison to what my goals are, however a 300 step increase on average throughout the week. Each week sees an increase, so heading in the right direction.

Special Topics:

Weight vest remains at 11 lbs for this week (reference week 1 if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Any discomfort from wearing the vest has passed. I quite often forget that I’m wearing it.

Artificial weight remains at 200+ lbs which has been the goal of this prep to maintain pre prep TDEE for improved energy flux throughout prep. However nearing the point where another increase is imminent.

Week in Review:

Still don’t really feel like I’m dieting. This first phase of a prep always comes somewhat easy for me, I can drop a pound a week for quite some time without ever beginning to feel the hunger cues or fatigue most do. I correlate that to my adolescent years where I chronically under ate, often only eating 1-2x a day.

However, in real need of picking up the pace, so will be making a concerted effort to increase step count to the maximum of our goal range this week. Combined with the additional deficit brought about this past week I am hoping to see a 1.5-1.75lb drop on average at a minimum this upcoming week.

I'll be honest in saying my mid week check in photos were pretty disheartening and the realization that I may be nowhere near where I want to be for my first tentative show set in hard this week. However, we are remaining flexible with show dates and are more focused on a quality look rather than rushing to hit any one show. I want to put my best physique forward, a true pro quality physique, we aren't playing around this time.

It's time to really start putting in my best effort, refocus on bodybuilding and pull back from some of my other endeavors. Side projects can wait, this year is about me - as selfish as that may sound.

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