Week 7: Patience is a Virtue

Week 7

Body Stats:

Weight on average of 186.6lbs with a 12.61% BF as measured via BIA. Week’s change of -1.4lbs and -0.39%. I’m 5’9.5” for reference. ROL dropped from last week, however still slightly above the 1lb/week goal for this stage of prep.

Now around 20lbs above my target competition weight.

Oura Data:

Readiness: AVG 75, High 83, Low 47

Readiness is described as “Readiness is an overall measure of your recovery that signals your capacity to perform at your mental, emotional, and physical best.” Its calculation includes data from: Resting heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, and a comparison of previous day’s energy expenditure to previous night’s sleep rating.

Same average from last week, however the frequency of 80+ days was significantly higher this week as I made a concerted effort to increase my sleep. However, average was dropped down by my low of 47 on the day following my 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine. That night prior saw me with body temperatures elevating +3.5 degrees, multiple bouts of wakefulness, and significant joint pain and feverish symptoms.

Sleep Score: AVG 75, High 85, Low 64

Sleep tracking measures total REM, Deep, Light, Sleep Efficiency, and Total sleep with comparisons of total time asleep with periods of wakefulness and HRV throughout the night.

This week saw me average 6.5 hours, about a 1 hour increase from last week which was much needed to allow my body to recover from last week’s low back injury and the aforementioned vaccination.

Sleep efficiency on average of 90%. When I go to sleep I sleep. There could be a war going on around me but I’m not moving.

Fatigue in the gym and daily activities was around average, chronically tired but not so much that performance is dipping.


Current split:

Mon - Rest

Tuesday - Full

Wed - Rest

Thursday – Chest/Delts/Arms

Fri – Back/Biceps

Sat – Legs/Delts

Sun – Rest

Training went well all things considered. The low back and SIJ pain from the previous week was remedied early on with some focused mobility work, NSAIDs, and a bout of dry needling (not self applied) to my left QL. I was about 90% recovered by Tuesday, until I reaggravated it picking up an item from the floor. However, was able to maintain loads on most lifts and progressed in load and volume across my pressing and various isolated

lower movements.

For those that follow my social media accounts (@j.johnson.dpt) you noticed that I changed my pressing to have all variants with a “feet on bench” press approach to allow for a neutral spine positioning and eliminate the arch as much as possible. This effectively reduced any low back pain and actually increased training stimulus. This technique might stick around for a bit.


Goal intake of 2000 calories (200P 200C 50F).

Actual average intake: 2031 cal (200P 200C 48F).

One refeed on Superbowl Sunday was utilized but more so as a social construct rather than a needed aspect of prep at this point.

Continuing to meal prep at this time.


Goal step count: 7-10k daily

Realized average step count: 6550

Still sub par in comparison to what my goals are, and lower than what has been my average. However ROL stayed high so no harm done this week. Will work to improve this.

Special Topics:

Weight vest remains at 11 lbs for this week (reference week 1 if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Any discomfort from wearing the vest has passed. I quite often forget that I’m wearing it.

Artificial weight just below 200 lbs, with a goal of maintaining a 200+ lb artificial weight to maintain pre prep TDEE for improved energy flux throughout prep. Nearing the point where another increase is imminent.

Week in Review:

Overall a solid week with a high/moderate ROL.

Adjustments will continue to be made this week to manage the low back pain, with potential programming changes going forward to reduce further risk of aggravation as my leverages continue to change.

Still don’t feel like I’m prepping at this point, which is a total 180 degree turn around from prior preps where I would be digging hard at this point. A more flexible show selection this year has infinitely reduced stress, allowing me to maintain a better outlook and remain more present with the family. I know that I will get on the stage multiple times this year, however when and where does not necessarily matter to me as much as it had in prior years. I’m in this for the long haul with my eyes set on a much larger prize down the road. Patience is key to my success this year.

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