Week 9: I'm Just Here So I Don't Get Fined

Week 9

Body Stats:

Weight on average of 183.16lbs with a 11.7% BF as measured via BIA. Week’s change of -1.27lbs and -0.43%. I’m 5’9.5” for reference. ROL on pace for our goals at this point in prep.

Now around 16lbs above my target competition weight.

Oura Data:

Readiness: AVG 75, High 83, Low 64

Readiness is described as “Readiness is an overall measure of your recovery that signals your capacity to perform at your mental, emotional, and physical best.” Its calculation includes data from: Resting heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, and a comparison of previous day’s energy expenditure to previous night’s sleep rating.

5% decrease from last week, corresponding with a bit of a sleep regression AND teething from the little one at home, on top of last minute crunching for a specialist exam. Great timing.

Sleep Score: AVG 72, High 84, Low 65

Sleep tracking measures total REM, Deep, Light, Sleep Efficiency, and Total sleep with comparisons of total time asleep with periods of wakefulness and HRV throughout the night.

This week saw me average 5.98 hours, about a ½ hour increase from last week.


Current split:

Mon - Rest

Tuesday - Full

Wed - Rest

Thursday – Chest/Delts/Arms

Fri – Back/Biceps

Sat – Legs/Delts

Sun – Rest

Very solid week of training coming off two weeks of training greatly impacted by SIJ pain. No notable PRs, however a switch away from the leg press induced some novel stimulus in the quads and hamstrings resulting in a bit of soreness. While not necessary or sometimes even ideal for growth, it was a nice feeling to be sore again.

Utilizing a minimalistic approach to lower body training at this stage to minimize risk of reaggravation. Leg training consists entirely of variations of Smith Squat, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Calf Raise.


Goal intake of 2000 calories (200P 200C 50F).

Actual average intake: 2022 cal (197P 199C 48F).

Averages for my actualized intake are skewed from one off script day where my fat was significantly raised and carbs significantly reduced, causing the variation from the expected. 6/7 days within 1-2g of prescribed macros.

Continuing to meal prep at this time. No scheduled refeeds currently.


Goal step count: 7-10k daily

Realized average step count: 7550

On track this week.

Special Topics:

Weight vest remains at 14 lbs for this week (reference week 1 if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Any discomfort from wearing the vest has passed. I quite often forget that I’m wearing it.

Artificial weight just below 200 lbs, with a goal of maintaining a 200+ lb artificial weight to maintain pre prep TDEE for improved energy flux throughout prep. Will watch ROL over the next two weeks prior to any additional increases to the weight vest.

Week in Review:

Overall a solid week with a moderate ROL.

Prior adjustments assisted in reducing low back pain and better optimizing lower body


Any and all issues this week came from outside of the bodybuilding realm, so no complaints on that side. Currently in cruise control chipping away week by week, nothing spectacular to report, not rocking the boat, just being patient and waiting.

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