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Devin McDonald
Jan 01, 2021
In Open Forum
Preferably fitness related but feel free to share whatever awesomeness you have planned for the upcoming year! 2020 derailed my plan to step on the natural bodybuilding stage for the first time but 2021 will have some new stressors in my life (finishing up my DPT this spring, taking boards, job hunting with a potential move) so I plan to spend the year adding to my physique while getting stronger. My goals are to consistently spend more time in the gym, focusing on bringing up my back and hamstrings. Also potentially returning to the powerlifting platform in the fall since I have finally rehabbed my lower back to a pain-free state following an injury in early 2019. The stage will have to wait for 2022 but hopefully 2021 will have some decent gains in store for me.
Devin McDonald
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